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I am an attorney and consultant, working exclusively on research and cases that affect the public utility industry. I have worked only on utility-related issues since 1983 - for 10 years with the Pennsylvania Office of Consumer Advocate and, since 1994, in my own legal and consulting practice.

I work by myself from my home-office in a small town in North Central Pennsylvania. In my practice, I am responsible for everything that leaves here with my name on it. I like to say that "the buck stops here" isn't good enough. In my practice, the buck never leaves. That means that my clients expect, and receive, a top-quality work product, on time, and within the budget that we agree on. And if they're not satisfied, I have no one to blame but myself and it's my job to make it right.

I am licensed to practice law in Pennsylvania and New York. My consulting practice is national in scope, with clients in more than a dozen states, spanning the U.S. from Maine to California. I have testified as an expert witness in more than 100 cases before about a dozen state utility commissions and in state and federal courts.  I have served as lead legal counsel for intervenors in utility cases in about 10 states and the District of Columbia.

My clients include state and local governments, consumer groups, non-profit organizations, research foundations, labor unions, and private businesses. My work encompasses all of the major utility industries: electricity, natural gas, telecommunications, wastewater, and water.

As a consultant and researcher, my work focuses on that gray area where law, public policy, and economics converge. Much of my work involves policy analysis (such as the relationship between utilities and their affiliates) and economic analysis (such as designing utility rates or addressing the affordability of utility service).

The Public Utility Home Page has existed since 1995, making it one of the first comprehensive resources on the Internet for utility professionals. I try to keep the listing of resources here up to date, but if you find a link that is "broken" or a new site that should be on a list, please let me know.

If you have questions, need information, or might be interested in becoming a client, please get in touch with me. And, of course, thanks for using the Public Utility Home Page!

Scott J. Rubin
Attorney / Consultant
333 Oak Lane
Bloomsburg, PA  17815
phone: 570-387-1893

This page is compiled and maintained by Scott Rubin, an attorney and consultant working solely on matters affecting the public utility industry. Corrections and suggestions may be sent to

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